Are you ready to get fitter, leaner, and healthier?  Now is the time to take control of your body and change your life, and I’ve created the perfect fitness challenge for you to do it -and NOW!

2014 Best Body Transformation Contest

  • A $600.00 investment in YOU, starts your Body Transformation with professional training
  • Entry deadline is January 3, 2014
  • A minimum number of 10 individuals are required for this contest to happen
  • Contest starts on January 6, 2014 through March 29, 2014
  • Last year’s winner, Adam Banducci, lost over 40.5 pounds!!!



  • Group sessions are held at Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness in Keizer, Oregon (just north of Salem – get directions).  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.
  • One winner will be chosen from all of the participants based on highest percentage of body weight lost from contest start to finish (January 6, 2014 through March 29, 2014).
  • The winner gets $1,000…that’s like being paid to change your lifestyle AND get a makeover!  This “investment in you” will pay dividends -and will change your life.  Everyone in this program will learn how to exercise with proper form and technique, learn about proper nutrition, and how to combat all the negative forces trying to de-rail your efforts.



Register now! Slots are already filling up.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simpler than ever – just click on sign-up below or call me NOW at 503-393-1080 or make an appointment to visit Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness located at 3824 River Road North in Keizer (just north of Salem).

If you’re one of the first 10 clients to register by December 20, you’ll get these gifts free…Worth $274!

  • Pro Complex Whey Protein Powder – $49 Value
  • Box of Quest Protein Bars, Soy & Gluten Free$29 Value
  • 30 Minute Massage – $40 Value
  • Intense Blast Fat Fast Package Below - $156 Value

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Sign up now for my 2014 Best Body Transformation Competition!

Does this really work?

Our group and personal training is a combination of three elements over a 12-week period:

  1. Fun, quick exercises that burn the maximum number of calories, removing ugly fat from your body faster than anything else you can do.
  2. Nutritional guidance and individualized meal planning.
  3. The magic of coaching and accountability from proven personal trainers with an unmatched track record of success, here in Keizer and Salem.

You’re probably tired of trying fitness and diet programs that don’t work.  Maybe they did work, but then you put the weight back on and then some!  My 2014 Best Body Transformation Contest is about YOU because you’re now “able, ready, and willing” to commit into changing YOU.  It’s about you changing habits one at a time.  It’s not  “all or nothing.”  We’ve helped men and women lose hundreds of pounds and maintained the weight loss by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with sustainable ones.   YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!  And better yet, you’ll enjoy changing your life – You’ll be LEANER-FITTER-HEALTHER!  Check out The Pro Fitness Difference to see why my clients keep coming back!


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My clients have changed their lives. They are HEALTHIER-FITTER-LEANER! – now it’s your turn! (Still unsure? Read my FAQ.)

Sign up today to get fitter, leaner, and healthier!


  Because you want to lose weight fast and efficiently, gain your confidence and get your sexy back!

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