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Our lives are so busy nowadays. More and more I hear my clients say they just don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. But with my Intense Pro Fitness Circuits, you don’t have to! These circuits will cut your exercise time in HALF and burn as many calories as you would with cardio equipment. And there’s no commute! Yes, you will work hard, but you are for sure going to see awesome results! I personally guarantee it!

Awesome results you will see:

  • Fat lossbelly2
  • Inch lossbelly with tapemeasure
  • Flatter belliesbeach-body-female-1-350-1
  • Tight and toned abs, glutes, and armsbeach
  • Stronger corescore-a-flat-belly-02-pg-full
  • Optimized cardiovascular and muscular enduranceWorkout_BeachBody5_620x349
  • Tons of extra energy and self-confidencebelly7
  • Looks and compliments that you haven’t heard since your 20swoman-body-beach-120724
  • Look awesome naked!2010-01-20-miranda1
  • And so much more…Beach-Body-Insanity



What is Intense Pro Fitness Circuit Training?

My instructional video circuit training is a functional movement exercise routine that you can do ANYWHERE – at home, in your hotel room, or at a gym. You don’t need a lot of room – heck, you can even do it in an elevator and still get an awesome workout! But the choice is yours. You just have to make it happen. Click below to get started on the new you! Intense Pro Fitness Circuit Training is designed to work multiple joints and muscle groups so you can burn the most calories in one given moment. You work for 35 seconds and take a 10-second recovery time (so you can catch your breath) and go on to the next exercise. You will breathe hard. You will sweat. And most importantly, you will keep burning that unwanted fat even after you’re done! You can easily burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in an hour! Imagine losing 15, 20, 30 pounds or more in 60 to 90 days! YES – you can do this! There’s no better time than now!

How do I get started?

Purchasing these videos is simpler than ever – just click the “Buy Now” button below. Cardio equipment is out and high intensity interval training is in. Push yourself to the next level and redefine your future! Gain the self-confidence from a leaner – healthier – fitter you!

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Buy my Intense Blast Fat Fast Cardio Package which includes your Blast Fat Fast Meal Plan NOW to get fitter, leaner, and healthier!

Choose the best caloric meal plan that suits your lifestyle below

Does this really work?

I have been training clients of all levels anywhere from 14 to over 70 years of age.  From athletes, to moms and pops etc. for years.  Helped men and women lose over hundreds of pounds and transformed their bodies in the best shape it’s ever been.  I’ve moved from a mere 1,200 square foot facility to a 5,000 square foot to accommodate my growing number of clients.

As far as I’m concerned my facility is a stand alone.”  My clients are all ready, willing and able to commit and they all transform into leaner-fitter-healthier bodies and continue to perform at their optimum level.  That’s what I’m all about and I’m passionate for — to help guide my clients to get RESULTS in a short amount of time and sustain it for life!

They all have more free time, more energy, more self-confidence and live happier lives.

Our clients pay anywhere from $433 and up a month on and One-on-One Personal training basis or $180 for group sessions.  Since I know you’re not going to travel here to Oregon to train with me personally, I’ve put this proven Intense Cardio Blast for you to incorporate with your exercise program.

You’re probably tired of trying fitness and diet programs that don’t work. My fitness video is no joke – YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! And better yet, you’ll enjoy changing your life – check out The Pro Fitness Difference to see why my clients keep coming back!

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My clients have done it – now it’s your turn!

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Buy now to get your “BONUS” below


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Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t lose a single pound or are unhappy for ANY reason with the program, I will personally refund every penny of your investment. NO HASSLES AND NO HARD FEELINGS.

You can try the Intense Pro Fitness Cardio for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied at any time during that time frame just let me know and I will send you a FULL refund.

I offer this guarantee because I wanted to take ALL of the risk away from you so that you can have a chance to test drive my program and see how cutting edge my training methods are.

I am so confident that when you incorporate this Intense Pro Fitness Cardio Blast into your program coupled  with a healthy meal plan, you will see and enjoy watching your fat blasted off!