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Joanna Cruz

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Before Stats

Weight: 113 lbs

Body Fat:  22.4%


After Stats (7 Months Transformation)
Weight: 95 lbs
Body Fat: 9.8%

  • Total Weight Loss: 18 lbs.

  • Body Fat Loss: 12.6%

The reason why I got started … can’t think of one because there are TOO many!  I had the thought of an intense workout with results for months after my “Compadres” “Co-Parents” had referred me to Mah-Ann Mendoza at Pro-Fitness.  I thought about it for months … Summer until December :-). I didn’t feel an urge to do any intense “fat loosing” because I was in a sense happy with myself.  So a new year I thought “what can be a new resolution?” So I said “Let’s give Mah-Ann a chance.” Boy was I in for a huge surprise! Unconsciously, I needed to give myself a chance to become a new ME!

It was December 31st of 2012, the first time I worked out at Mah-Ann’s Pro-Fitness and I was ready not to go back but I thankfully I did!  I worked out every week and became aware of my food intake.  Progress was great because I was losing body fat but slowly.  I needed a bigger change because that was the only way I could truly challenge myself. Even though, I was seeing results and again I was satisfied but not completely.  I was aware of the reason why … I love food, carbs, fats, protein … I love it all … Specially my Mami’s Mexican food! Either way, I continued for another few months until September before making the next big step!  After some joking around with friends, I agreed to participate in a bikini competition … Yes, craziest thing I have ever done! I’m afraid of commitments but made a commitment to myself for one reason … My son!  I always push my son to be nothing but the best and I wouldn’t be able to continue pushing him knowing I didn’t try to do MY best.  That is when the learning began for both of us! I quote him because throughout the journey I have had moments when I wanted to quit and he would always remind me “when you make a commitment you need to stick with it!” Wow, big words from my little man. At this point that has been my biggest accomplishment … Stepping on stage and not falling on my face. No, really! I may joke now but that was one of my biggest fears, everything fell right into place 

Who knows what my future holds but for now I still enjoy working out at Mah-Ann’s Pro-Fitness! You get a friendly group of people who will support you, motivate you and push you to be successful! Mah-Ann will guide you in the right direction … That is one part of having a trainer that I enjoy the most because she is accessible any time I need her and sure is knowledgeable.  During my training, she knew what to do to help me because I quickly learned that genetics are your biggest friend or biggest enemy in some sense.  Well the experience she has of working with a diverse population comes into her decision making to help you succeed! Like she says “real people, real results!” And, I think she will agree with me … It doesn’t gets any more real than me … Her biggest challenge 

I have not learned something … I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and looking back I wish I had made the change since the first time my “compadres” referred me to Mah-Ann! I am satisfied because now I know I’m in control … I cannot blame anything or anyone other than me and I can make conscious choices knowing what it takes to lose the fat and gain the muscle. It may seem easy to say what many people have told me along this journey, “I can lose fat quick if I wanted to.” We’ll what stops them? I love saying “it’s easy to do the talk but hard to do the walk soooo do the walk in order to be able to do the talk! Choose to be truly in control of your life.– Jo Cruz

Let us help you, like we’ve helped hundreds of men and women get fitter-leaner-healthier and happier lives.  We work holistically with each of our clients lined up with their goals and give unconditional support to help them regain confidence while optimizing their health and physical strength.

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