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Our tested and proven formula has helped men and women lose hundreds of pounds! We have the Combination of Cutting-Edge Meal Planning for you to get LEANER-HEALTHIER-HAPPIER!

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Nutritional Programs (Weight Watchers, Nutri Systems, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Visalus…) and supplements.  How did that work for you?  Maybe it did for a short time, but just to realize you gained it all back plus more.  And the worst part of that process you did to lose the weight, you also lost “muscle” which is the most important thing you can’t lose while losing weight.  Your precious muscle is your fat burning  furnace.  The less you have, the less your body is capable of burning fat/calories.


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Lose the weight without the scary word “DIE-T”. It’s not about “the diet” it’s learning how to make better food choices with nutrient-dense food that will deliver fat burning, highly metabolic output so you can get your confidence and sexy back!

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Don’t get caught with covering your body because you don’t like what you see in the mirror… Overhaul your physique, start a new life, look the way you want to look and let’s get it done! I know you can do it and stop being scared of change. Hard work always pay in the end. Let’s win the fat loss war and join our 12 Week Nutritional Coaching Program.

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Transformation with Mah-Ann Mendoza, IFBB Pro and local fitness expert in who has:

  • over 30 years experience in Health and Fitness Industry

  • helped clients, lose weight/fat, gain strength and muscle, self-confidence, feel and look their best

What Really is Profitness Difference

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You Will

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Get started today to take charge of your health and fitness so you can be “healthier-fitter-leaner-Happier!

How do I sign up?

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Your $600 will get you

  • Individualized meal plan with foods you like and within your lifestyle

  • Realistic Goal settings to fit your needs and what you’re able to commit and own up to.

  • 12 – 30 Minute, Weekly assessments (weight, body fat, body circumference) 12 total weeks

  • Accountability towards yourself and your coach

  • Together, identify limiting factors and find solutions to maximize results (personal, business, exercise, meal planning/choices)

  •  Motivation, Guidance and Unconditional Support

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NOTE: Pro Fitness clients only and is “required” to have membership at The Edge Fitness and Training Facility

Does this really work?

Our nutritional coaching has helped men and women lose over 1000 pounds!

You’re probably tired of trying diet programs that don’t work. Our 12-Week Nutritional Coaching Program is serious business,  – YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! And better yet, you’ll enjoy changing your life – check out The Pro Fitness Difference to see why my clients keep coming back! These clients have changed their lives – now it’s your turn! (Still unsure? Read my FAQ.)

Join today to get fitter, leaner, and healthier!