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The Aftermath of Not Eating Sugars

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar By Mah-Ann Mendoza

As you already know, sugar sucks and derails your health and fitness goals.'re tired in the middle of the afternoon and you need a quick picker upper. What is your go to? A can of sugar loaded pop, or sugared coffee from Starbucks.

Does this routine seem familiar to you? Don't feel bad cuz you're not alone. It's rather common for an average American to consume about 20 teaspoons of added sugar each day! Waaaaay more than double the limit of 6 tsp per day for women and 9 tsp. for men.

So can limiting or eliminating sugars make a difference when it comes to your weight loss or general health? ABSOLUTELY! Positive effects such as weight loss, fat loss, heart health, mental clarity and YOUR PHYSIQUE will benefit from eliminating sugars out of your life.

Sweet Rewards Without the Sugar.

Your Brain

Not going to lie about it, going through sugar elimination sucks! It's tough as heck but -- the aftermath sure helps tremendously with mood swings and other factors.

Here's how sugar works:

When you eat sugary foods, your brain releases hormones that makes you feel good and get that energy boost. Yup, it feels great, taste yummy in your tummy and that wonderful taste in your mouth gets you wanting more. You're hooked! Gimme some more please...Yeah, you know that feeling right?

When you eliminate sugary foods, the feel good and energy boost will disappear and you will feel discomfort like headaches, get cranky and moody and the worst part is missing those sweets and your cravings intensify. You're just going through "sugar withdrawals" and if you give it a week or two, you'll feel a lot better. DON'T GIVE IN!