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What should I bring to train?

Number one priority – you’re positive attitude, wear comfortable shoes, workout clothes, towel, water & mat.

Who will be attending Group Sessions?

People just like you from Keizer, Salem, and other areas too.  Someone who needs direction, accountability and a change to their fitness program. Those wanting to tone up, lose weight and feel better come to our facility to get results!

Remember, everyone’s body is different so your results will differ! Everyone is expected to progress, regardless of where you’re starting. If you aren’t getting the results, then you’re not putting in the effort, you’re missing your scheduled session days or you’re not following what we tell you to do for best results!

My advice…do everything we ask you to do (meal plan and exercise with us at a minimum of 3 days a week) and you’ll see results just as our other successful clients have!

Listen below to what some of our clients have to say:

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What if I’m not in good shape?

All fitness levels are welcome to participate. Your safety is our priority, so you’ll never be asked to perform more than you’re capable of doing.

A wide range of fitness levels attend, from very athletic to sedentary and everyone in-between. You’ll never feel out of place because our personal training is uniquely structured so that all participants work at their own pace.

With that said…everyone is expected to work hard and challenge themselves, so my personal trainers and I will be challenging you more than ever. Sign up for group training sessions now!

Are there any prerequisites?

All of our exercises are scalable to most fitness levels. However, you should be able to jog for 60-second periods. You’ll perform very short runs/sprints and plyometrics; in order for you to participate, a minimum of a slow jog is necessary.

You need to have the right attitude. We want everyone participating to have a genuine interest in achieving their fitness goals. Even though our training is fun with lots of great people, this isn’t social hour. We expect everyone to come and have a good time BUT to get an even better workout!

We encourage you to contact your doctor prior to participating. If you have an underlying health concern or injury, our fitness programs most likely aren’t right for you at this time.

What can I expect to achieve?

Our goal is to drastically improve your fitness capacity. If you put in the effort, you’ll notice an increase in your daily energy levels and a dramatic improvement in your fitness level. Our fitness programs include many exercises and activities that, along with nutritional guidance (optional), will enable you to lose body fat, gain more functionality in your daily life, get stronger and feel better. Read more here about the Pro Fitness difference.

While we can’t promise you’ll experience the same amazing results as many of our clients, you can and will see results every month given you work hard and follow our instructions. Don’t believe us? Read our client testimonials.

Why should I join your boot camp?

You should only join Pro Fitness Group Personal Training¬† if you’re serious about making dramatic improvements to your body. You’ll experience a positive environment with others getting in great shape and having fun at the same time. We expect all of our clients to make noticeable changes to their body composition and you will if you join our group and put forth the effort we expect of everyone.

There are no miracle fat loss programs! Our program is successful because it’s very challenging and is structured for maximum results in minimum time. It requires you to actively participate in your fitness by interacting on a daily basis. Fitness results don’t happen by osmosis, so your level of participation will dictate the type and amount of results your experience.

Will I be sore?

Most people feel soreness for the first week or so. After that, you might feel residual soreness but nothing you can’t handle. Being sore is part of the process that allows your body to adapt and improve! Get used to being uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not improving!

Is there childcare available?

No, we do not offer childcare, and children under the age of 18 are not allowed in our facility unless participating in a fitness program.

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