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Featuring our "VETERAN" Carol Gasser

I am so proud to feature my longest (veteran) and most loyal client to date 👉Carol Gasser. 17+ years!!!

Carol was diagnosed with Osteopenia so she thought it was time to start an exercise program. She reached out to me to show her a home exercise routine. I convinced her to try One on One Personal Training at my facility, so she came once a week on her day off. Carol and her husband David run a very successful Chiropractic business together. Carol manages the office and front desk working 50+ hours a week.

She tried the group sessions then added Saturday into her routine giving her 2 days a week training.

In the meantime my business was growing and I was able to add 5:00 am group classes into my program. This enabled Carol to add more days into her routine.

For years now she has been training 5 days a week religiously. Her workouts consist of strength training and functional training.

At 72, and as you can view in her video, she can and WILL do all she can no matter how hard the exercises may be. She can out do many that are half her age! I am always amazed at her willingness to take all of the challenges I give her and master them. She is a very valued part of the Fit Family here at Pro Fitness.

Thank you Carol for showing us all how it’s done!

Let us help you slow down your process of again through proper exercise and nutritional guidance. Check out our programs below that best match your needs and let's get you started.


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