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Get 2 Bodyparts in One

Work Biceps and Legs

Hey there.  Yes, you can burn more calories by working more than one body part in one set.  Work your biceps and legs simultaneously and feel the burn.  Incorporate this two exercises with the others movements.

Change happens all the time but “Progress” takes action.  Do it today!


Long Head Biceps Tendon
Quads and Hams

1.  You may either use cable system or dumbbells.  Slowly lower the weight and bring the weight up and feel the bicep contract, then lower it back down.

2.  Get in a squat position and without fully standing up, step to your right and squat, then back to center and squat, then to your left and back to center again.

3. Perform 3 Sets from 8 to 12 repetions counting or set your timer to 35 seconds with 10 seconds rest.

Note from Mah-Ann:

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