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How to get healthier, leaner and fitter by making these choices NOW!

You’re now ready, willing, able to commit, so  let’s go — together! The fact is, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Committing to a healthier and fitter lifestyle is just that — a commitment, a true test that will take a lot of discipline and work. The awesome result of the new you will be unbelievable and worth every single moment that you’ve applied to it!  You’ve pretty much tried most of what’s out there in your own way.  You did the same process, got the same result…. so this time, let’s give Pro Fitness Program a try.

Here are five steps to change your meal plan, exercise and lifestyle for the better — for once and for all!

The first step is easy — literally.  It’s all in your mind.  You’re the only one who has the power to change your way of thinking.  No one else. So, start owning up to it. We’re all capable of making choices to reach our goals, setting our limits and boundaries, most importantly fulfilling outstanding results.   Start believing in you and you will fill your life with limitless satisfaction!

Stop being in denial and look at the “NOW” moment:  Evaluate how your mindset and actions are affecting your fitness and health.  Are you overeating because you’re hungry or just feeding your mental state?  Once you’ve realized what that trigger is which is caused by your emotions, work on something that will overcome the self-destructive behavior that causes your set-back and falling back to your “old” behaviors.  Turn on your “love myself” switch from “negative-self” switch.   Visualization, positive affirmations, journaling, talking to an ally usually helps and will get you closer to your goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Take a blank canvas.  Now, you have the ability to create something beautiful and ultimately,  visualizing what the finished product will be.  Okay, that would be a picture of YOU.  Everything you’ll put behind you and start from scratch.  It’s the “NOW” moment.

How do you see yourself.  Start painting.  This would be you and your goal.  Take time and visualize.  Write it down and have a plan.  If it’s not in writing, it’s not a plan!  In order to make a sustainable lifestyle change you’ll need to have a goal – IN WRITING.  Set an incremental goal such as yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and immediate goals and include what actions you’re going to take to achieve them.

Example of a yearly goal is lose 24 pounds.  Monthly goal 2 pounds loss. Weekly is half a pound loss.  Daily plan would be preparing meals, exercising, journaling, grocery shopping, etc.

Setting realistic and specific goals, whether it’s starting a workout routine, learning how to make better food choices or experimenting with different recipes, will bring you an awesome result and keep you motivated so will want to do more.

A reward system may be warranted but…NOT A CHEAT MEAL!  Go shopping for new clothes to fit your new size, get a massage, new workout clothes or shoes or both.  Keep the positive mindset and pat yourself on the back when reaching your daily goals and everyday you will be more motivated to achieve them.  Yay!

Have a Support System

Since you’re taking full ownership of  your commitment and your own achievements, it’s also helpful to have help from family and friends, even co-workers that will be part of your healthy support system. Inform them of your goals and their importance as to why you need to accomplish them.  Let them know about your food choices and what you’re no longer eating, your exercise routine and your ultimate goal.  Share with them your thoughts about how important it is for them to support you.

You can even try and get one or more of them to join you and be a workout partner and create a healthy competition.  You can get each other motivated when you’re unmotivated and discouraged and celebrate when you overcome those emotions.

Make Healthier Choices

To start, clearing house time!  Clean up your fridge, pantry and cupboards.  What’s not in your meal plan and grocery list DOES NOT BELONG IN YOUR HOUSE!  Out of sight, out of mind.  Donate them or toss them.

Stock your pantry and fridge with nothing but low calorie high density nutritious foods.  Foods you should choose would be lean protein, green leafy veggies, fruits and nuts.

Start Exercising!

Now, to start burning those calories you already know that I’m a firm believer of circuit training because it’s the best way of burning the most calories in a short amount of time.  You’ll maintain muscle tone, balance, mobility and YES — Cardiovascular strength!  Performing circuit training works your heart, lungs, skeletal and muscular system.  So no additional cardio needs to be done.  Period. End of story.

If you’re a beginner, start gradually and work yourself up to where you can perform the whole routine.  Believe in yourself and hang in there.  It will only get easier as you stay consistent with your plan.

Your exercise is part of your plan so STOP making excuses by skipping it—MAKE IT HAPPEN and make sure it’s marked in your daily planner.  Hire a personal trainer to get you started who’s got the plan, the program, the support and most importantly, keep you accountable.

Once again, mindset is your best tool.  Use it positively, joyfully and YOU WILL find true happiness when those goals you’ve set are fulfilled.

Note from Mah-Ann:

You need new ideas because your progress is stagnant,  you’re at a plateau in loosing those stubborn fat and you need help with your program so you can LOSE FAT FAST, so come see me regarding our Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching and Group Fitness Sessions today or call  503.393.1080 for your free consultation.  Let’s start living life “HEALTHY-FIT-LEAN.”


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