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Plan ahead to get awesome result

If you FAIL to Plan then you Plan to FAIL!

Be Prepared!

By Mah-Ann Mendoza

Now that you’ve decided to get engaged in a health and fitness program, set your day like a trooper on a mission.  The key to your progress is having a goal and a plan for every situation you may encounter that will throw you off for any given day.  “Always” think and plan ahead because there will always be some distractions or obstacles you will encounter.

  1. Go through your fridge, pantry and storage cabinet and toss out or donate items that are not on your food list.  No need to have them look at you in the face and taunt you because they’re within reach.  Eliminate the trigger foods and the temptation is removed.  Plan to succeed by cleaning out the junk!

  1. I’ve worked in an office environment where there’s low density, high calorie foods = empty calories all the time!  I’m constantly amazed at how many people think that it’s always a treat day or find reasons to have a potluck.  You know where and when they happen, so don’t set yourself up by looking at the food and getting the whiff those of those triggering foods!  Make a choice.  AVOID  them.  Walk the other direction.  That also includes going to your cafeteria where more often than not, the food selections are not within the parameters of your clean eating.  STAY AWAY!  Make sure your meals are packed and portioned out, including your snacks, so you’re not faced with hunger and caving into the bad choices that surrounds your workplace.  PLAN TO SUCCEED!

I know you can do this.  Baby steps is key so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Stick with your plan to see great results.

Note from Mah-Ann:

You need new ideas because your progress is stagnant,  you’re at a plateau in loosing those stubborn fat and you need help with your program so you can LOSE FAT FAST, so come see me regarding our Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching and Group Fitness Sessions today or call  503.393.1080 for your free consultation.  Let’s start living life “HEALTHY-FIT-LEAN.”

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