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Plan of Action for Your Body’s Performance

There are so many choices of how to eat nowadays.  You’ve got Vegan, Paleo, High/Lo-Carb, South Beach, the Zone, so on and so forth.  Argh!!!  Eating doesn’t have to be so complicated.

No matter what you do, make it simple, doable and sustainable.  Stop switching around to find a miracle.  Your goal must be how you can build relationships with foods that can help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As far as your physical abilities in performing well in sports, work, etc, you need to provide energy (food intake) to produce energy (physical work).  It is important to know that “Food Is Fuel” (energy). Without proper food intake, your performance will suffer.

Below are some simple things you can follow for overall, optimized function and gain awesome results.



Are you hungry or just bored?  Is your stomach making those noises saying feed me?  Or are you still full from your last meal?

Sometimes, we get so busy that we forget to eat and take time to fuel our bodies.  Understand what your body’s signal is telling you and don’t ignore them.  Eat not until your stuff but just about 80% full.

It helps to set your alarm as a reminder when your feeding time is.  Take time to chew your food and basically, take 20 minutes to eat.  Don’t rush.  Just relax, taste your food and savor the flavors.


To optimize function, one must learn what their macros are.  Include each meal with proteins, carbs, and fats.  Figure out and pay attention to how your body responds to those macros.  Do you feel energized or lethargic?  Make adjustments of what more or less of those macros are making you feel a certain way.

Choose Real Foods and eat less or avoid processed foods.  Stick with lean proteins, colorful veggies, low sugar content fruits, and good fats.

When you go to the store, stay on the outside perimeter.  That’s where your healthy macos is located.  If you can avoid going on the middle aisle, do it.  That’s where all the highly processed foods are that you need to eat minimally or avoid.


The best performers out there are those who plan, organize execute and make wise decisions regarding their food intake.

We all need carbs.  Carbs are usually cut out by most that are looking for a quick weight loss and in turn, sacrificing their performance.  What else? They get burnt out and give up altogether and carb binge.

Carbs area precursor to the transfer of amino acids to the muscle tissue for growth and repair.  They call it the gate opener.  Carbs are the first usable energy to produce work/energy.  So yes, eat your carbs but keep in mind that not all carbs are the same.  Stay mindful of your choices.  Avoid sugars, processed foods that are high in sugar carbs and opt-in for your clean carbs.


Time your meals accordingly and know how much energy you will be using.  For example, you’re scheduled HIIT workout is 5:0 pm.  Eat at least 90 minutes (solid meals) or 30 minutes (for protein shakes) before your exercise session.  Experiment on what works best for your stomach.  But you need fuel to burn and the ability to produce greater output for great results.


Enjoy your food.  Find what your true relationship is with the food you’re eating.  Is it nurturing your physical, emotional, spiritual needs?

Do you love the food that you eat or you have a love-hate relationship with your food that makes you starve yourself because of guilt, anger, or sadness?

Do you overthink how you need to eat to nurture your needs rather than realizing that a healthy relationship with food needs you to love food more not less?

To make things simple, choose healthy low calorie, high-nutrient dense foods. 

Follow the 80/20 fullness rule.  Stop when you’re almost full and not 100% full.  Don’t strive for perfection because no one is.


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