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Stop Believing Everything You See On Social Media

Social media such as IG or FB is great for fitness inspiration, but I sure hope you don’t believe everything you see on it.

Most people with large fitness followings are doing paid posts that push products you might actually NOT need…

#1: You DON’T need expensive food products to lose weight.

Designer, brand name nutrition bars and diet foods looking gourmet and mouthwatering. And very expensive. But please remember that weight loss is best gotten by eating a diet of wholesome, real foods.

Eat real food, that is low calorie, high-nutrient dense foods and not expensive diet foods. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND CLEAN

#2: Transformations are NOT as simple as Eat clean, less and move more.

Fat loss success posts often water-down the truth about what it takes to transform from ‘before’ to ‘after’. The truth is that massive transformations take effort, coaching and laser-like focus.

Massive body transformations are NOT easy, expect to put in hard work and dedication. Set a goal, decide, commit and take action!

#3: You DON’T need overpriced athleisure wear to get results.

The latest looks are great on those fitness models. But keep your wallet in your pocket if you think overpriced athleisure wear is going to help you drop pounds.

Pounds can melt off just as quickly in a faded t-shirt.

#4: You CAN’T still eat junk food and look like an IG model.

Just because they are posting about their cheat meal doesn’t mean that’s the way they always eat. Most likely that’s a paid post and the lean fitness model would NEVER really eat that junk food!

Choose wholesome, real foods instead of highly processed and junk food.

#5: You CAN’T get flat abs in just a couple of weeks.

The truth is that real results take time. You didn’t pack on those unwanted pounds in 3 weeks, so don’t expect to lose it in 3 weeks.

Real results take real time.

#6: You NEED help to achieve maximum results.

The truth is that people serious about achieve amazing transformations always seek out professional coaching to ensure their success.

Real results are achieved with the guidance of a professional.

If you have a goal you’ve yet to achieve then reach out to me.

Call or email today and I’ll get you started on a program that will make your goals a reality.


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