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The Revolution in Fat Loss

The Revolution in Fat Loss

It’s nearing the end of another year and conversations are naturally gravitating towards New Year’s resolutions. Talk of reflection, optimism, inner growth and overall improvement are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. I think it’s safe to say though that, after joyfully eating through the holidays each year, many people resolve to achieve a healthier weight in the new year.

However, weight loss doesn’t happen just because there’s now a gym key fob on a car key ring. It isn’t magically packed in a bottle of pills and it isn’t achieved based on wishful thinking. A real effort has to be given and maintained over an extended period of time to truly accomplish better health and permanent weight loss.

In order to be part of the small percentage of people who succeed in their New Year’s Revolution, here are several proven practices that jumpstart and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

First of all, stay true to yourself and the goals you’ve set. Outside influences can sometimes be a difficult barrier to overcome. Just because you’ve decided to make changes doesn’t mean others will always understand. Remind yourself that it’s OK