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Tips That May Help Your Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not just about exercising and eating clean.  Yes, you indeed have to keep moving and stay mindful of your food intake.  But not to the point that your over restricting your choices due to all kinds of diet versions out there and living the guilt and feeling miserable because you can’t have or enjoy certain foods or life altogether.

Simple changes and small habit changes will do when you commit to changing your health and fitness.  And as time goes on, do little tweaks that are sustainable and accordingly to your lifestyle.

Below are just a few steps that may help your weight loss journey a bit easier without having to restrict yourself to the point of a burn-out:

What Motivates You?

Know your reasons why you need to lose weight?  Could it be for your medical condition, your spouse, you’re back in the dating game, for your family, for your job… Identify the importance of your whys and this is your beginning and help you take action upon your whys.

Plan, Organize and Execute

Now that you’ve identified your whys,

Create a plan – What are your meals going to look like for the week (Recipes), How many times can you commit to exercising for the week

  1. Organize – Make a grocery list for your meal plan, What exercises do you do on certain days?

  2. Execute – Shop, Cook, Chop and Pack your Meals, Get your gym clothes and bag ready to go in your car so you don’t go home and get lazy.

Drink Water Before Your Meals

Drinking water a few minutes before your meal will help you prime your digestive system but also helps you feel full.  That’s helping the binge factor and decreases the number of portions that you may eat.

Increase Your Movements

Besides your planned exercise session, add more movements throughout your day, most especially for those who have a sit-down job.   So instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.  Breaktime, take a walk around the block instead of sitting in the breakroom.  Play with the kids, rake the leaves, etc.

No matter how small the movement is, it’s still factored in the number of calories your burning throughout the day.

Brush Your Teeth After Your Dinner

After your last meal, make this your nightly ritual because of who wants to re-brush their teeth after eating again and again.

Get To Bed A Certain Time

Nighttime is usually when mindless eating happens.  You’re relaxed, and bored and wondering what to do… You ate your last meal, you brushed your teeth…now, it’s time for bed.  Set a specific time when you go to bed.  Turn off your TV, phone, lights off.

Make this habit non-negotiable and get your 7-8 hours of sleep.  Your body needs rest, recovery and quality sleep to optimize your weight loss program.

Your good night’s rest will help you hormonally, optimize your immune system and how you function the following day.


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