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Yo-Yo Dieting Be Gone!

Let Go of Diet Yo-Yo’s and Rebounds

Diets…we’ve all started –and stopped them umpteen gazillion times in our lives. But the reality is if you want to lose weight, there’s a right way and the “other ways.”  Here’s the deal…if you skipping meals or follow an extremely low-calorie diet, you’re setting yourself up to ride the Yo-Yo / rebound cycle for the rest of your life!  Watching your weight go up and down is exhausting, frustrating, and is completely ridiculous waste of time and energy.  If your goal is permanent weight loss, then listen to the lesson I’m about to teach you…

There is no cookie-cutter approach.  Every person is unique, however; the principles of weight loss are the same.  The problem with extreme diets that promise big weight loss in a short amount of time cut out macro-nutrients like carbs and fats — which will mess up your hormone balance and metabolism.  This is the set up for the Yo-Yo.

When you get into a fasting mode, your body will rebel and the urge to cheat and these slip-ups leads to feelings of guilt, and then…the fasting begins again.   Do you want to lose weight for a special occasion and figure that only a couple of weeks at 800 calories a day can give you results you want?  Sure you’ll see results, but what happens when you get back to a normal eating patterns?  What will happen is your levels of T3, the thyroid hormone that boosts your metabolism, crashes during low calorie periods and you’ll actually slow down your metabolism!  Insulin will also take a hit, so instead of glucose entering your cells and can be used for energy, your body keeps it concentrated in your blood, which is not a good thing.  Another chemical, leptin (regulates appetite) is also reduced, so you’re brain doesn’t register when your body is “full.”  What your brain will get, is a hormone called ghrelin, which signals to the body that its starving.  What happens then?  Your body will store fat to protect itself.  The worst part is, the more you do it, the worse it gets.

So here’s the deal…you need to make a lifestyle change.  But it’s not a difficult choice!  It’s a mind game. Think away from “cutting back” to simply eating proper portions of the right foods.   Unprocessed food, that grows from the ground or from animals who eat food from the ground is what you need to eat.  “Clean” eating will repair, nourish, and support every cell of your body and keep it fueled to tap the fat and keep muscle.

The other side of the coin is EXERCISE.  If you want to tap the fat for energy, the best exercise in the shortest amount of time is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Using multiple muscle groups with body weight resistance (and for the more advanced, with weights/bands), you’ll burn through stored fat, restore fluids, and improve muscle tone in half the time of conventional cardio equipment!  Not convinced?  Give it a try, with the Pro Fitness Intense Cardio Circuits.  “Drop and give me 20…” works.

Note from Mah-Ann:

You need new ideas because your progress is stagnant, you’re at a plateau in loosing those stubborn fat and you need help with your program so you can LOSE FAT FAST, so come see me regarding our Personal Training and Group Sessions today or call 503.393.1080 for your free consultation. Let’s start living life “HEALTHY-FIT-LEAN.”

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