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Kandi Morales


Before Stats

Weight: 195.2 lbs

Body Fat:  38.7%


After Stats (6 Week Transformation)
Weight: 178.8 lbs
Body Fat: 33%

  • Total Weight Loss: 16.6 lbs.

  • Body Fat Loss: 5.7%

  • 13.25 Total Inch Loss

What was your overall life before Pro Fitness?

Before working with Mah-Ann I would starve myself to lose weight. I always had mostly boys as friends and did boy activities so that kept me strong physically but into my late 20’s and 30’s my activities decreased and the weight started to add up especially after hitting the big 4-0!  At points I would just give up and then I would feel bad about myself so I would not eat then I would get sick then back to giving up….It was a vicious, unhealthy cycle I was living in. My depression got worse and I became someone I didn’t know anymore.

What’s your struggles and how did you get over them and focused on your task?

My biggest struggle was fast food and alcohol. I remarried at the beginning of 2015 and my kids were adults so it was all about fun for me. I knew that it would not be easy to continue to be around those temptations and succeed BUT I knew I had to. I realized I had lost who I was along the way the past several years. I was no longer that strong willed, can do anything, stronger than any guy, Kandi that I once was. I knew I would have to dig deep and find myself again. I prepared a notebook with one of my favorite pictures of myself on the cover and labeled it “My journey back to me” I put my food plans, recipes, etc in there and I left it on my table where I would see it every day. I also started buying gallons of water and start a new one every day with the goal of it being empty by bedtime.

Why did you get started?

I worked one-on-one with Mah-Ann in 2008 for the first time and immediately (within 2 weeks) saw AMAZING results. My arms were strong and sexy like I always wanted. I was in shape and felt good about wearing sexy clothes AND I was EATING what I felt was a ton of food. I still remember the first day I met her. She asked how much I had to eat and drink that day and my reply was nothing. We did not workout that day instead I was provided information and sent home with a plan THAT WORKED! Unfortunately after several months I was not a priority to myself anymore and felt good at 5’3″, 135 lbs so I quit. MY MISTAKE. For the next 8 years I would slowing but surely return back to my bad and non-eating habits. When my scale hit 176 I thought I had enough so I sought out Mah-Ann again but this time I didn’t follow her instructions, my desire was not there and I failed myself. In 2015 when I hit 195 at age 39 and my self tactics of losing weight no longer worked I knew my only hope was Mah-Ann. I knew I could trust in her and as long as I followed her direction I would succeed! In addition, when I went to see my doctor in 2016 and saw that I was classified as “mildly obese” I hit rock bottom as they say. I was finally ready to listen, take action and discipline myself with Mah-Ann’s help.

What’s your struggles and how did you get over them and focused on your task?

What benefits did you achieve from this new lifestyle? (Physically, mentally, etc.)
Well for starters I lost 16.8lbs and 5.7% body fat in just 6 weeks. It by no means was an easy 6 weeks, especially week 1 but I am feeling good about myself again. I look in the mirror and I am starting to see me again. I am not all the way there yet but I am also not done. Another benefit for me was the people in class. I was never a very social person so I ventured out in class to talk to and encourage others and I found myself feeling good about me and about going. Now I am kind of sad if I have to miss class or if I oversleep because it is such a positive part of my day. I set goals for myself like pressing 40lbs dumbbells. Once I can get that 3rd set in, I will move my goal to 45lbs. I have a goal to perfect the push up as well…..but that might take me a little while yet 

Who was your support system and got you to your transformation/success?

My number I support system was Mah-Ann and Lisa. Many people think Mah-Ann is too tough or mean but I am the opposite. I need that encouragement. You can call it “tough love” LOL. Secondly I would have to say the fitfam. Jorge, Ron, Rey, Phil, and Darren always gave me motivation to be stronger, even though they don’t even know it. Jamie, Vicki, Cindy, Earlene, Patricia, Carol, Tess, Shan, Michelle, Jo and all the other girls helped push me every day and give me encouragement and compliments that kept me pressing forward. My Husband was also very helpful in not eating too bad around me. The poor guy even starved himself on my 6th day in, which was my BCAA day and my hardest day of this 6-week challenge. My oldest son rode by butt about going to the gym if I would miss a day and he would and still does strength train with me.

How is your current state (progress in health and fitness) helping you now with your daily functions, routines, life with family, friends, activities, etc? Biggest changes?

Well I am fitting into my clothes better. My knees and body do not ache as bad anymore. I feel excellent on the days I don’t oversleep and make it to 5am class. Even on the nights I do pm class, if it is a bad and stressful day I am feeling amazing after class. I can firmly say “No” to alcohol and unhealthy food without a second thought. Although I do look forward to a celebratory drink when I am down another 20-30lbs  I am very cautious and find myself thinking twice about what I eat because I have put so much hard work into these last 7 weeks and I still have a goal to achieve. Oh and of course I can finally wear my jeans now!!! I have about 6 more pair waiting for the scale to continue to drop but I am confident with Mah-Ann’s help I will get there.

What would you say to anyone who’s on the fence about joining our fitness community?

I am not going to lie, it is NOT easy. You will not lose 20lbs and 5 dress sizes in one or two weeks. Instead you will have the toughest week of your life but you will live though it and come day 8 watch out because as long as you stay on track, not just at the gym but in the kitchen, the result are going to come and every time you pass that mirror or put on those loose pants you are going to smile and feel good again. Greatness isn’t given, it is earned! Aren’t you worth it?

Let us help you, like we’ve helped hundreds of men and women get fitter-leaner-healthier and happier lives.  We work holistically with each of our clients lined up with their goals and give unconditional support to help them regain confidence while optimizing their health and physical strength.

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