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Mah-Ann is a world class athlete. She has been ranked as one of the best body builders for many years. Why is that important, it means she knows what she is doing, having been doing it for 20 years.

I am a male in my early 60s who recently had a hip replacement and could no longer run. I started weight lifting, working out with several knowledgeable friends for two years before training with Mah-Ann. Thus, I was in reasonable shape and had some experience. Overnight she took me to new levels. The change in my body was dramatic. I got bigger, more defined, stronger, confident and knowledgeable. I had been lifting heavier and heavier weights to where I was endangering myself with recurring injuries. Mah-Ann showed me how to lift scientifically with correct, precise form. and a program tailor made just for me. The injuries disappeared and I now train heavy with the confidence knowing how to execute each lift. I have found and can work muscles I did not know I had.

In Salem there is none better. She was born to train people being blessed with perfect instincts’ in knowing precisely what each person needs. There is none better in Salem, not even close.

Teresa S., Keizer, OR

What an experience!! Was nervous at first, never worked out so hard. But never felt so good after a work out!!! Very very much a family, other members helping you succeed. Mah Ann, Christy, Amber watching & helping you accomplish what you have asked them to help you do. Be healthy & fit!!! I did a 21 Day Flat Belly Formula & glad I did it with all the folks at Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness! Thank you friends!!

Ingrid, Keizer, OR

There is a great energy and team spirit with everyone who works out there. We are all rooting for each other, which comes directly from Mah-Ann. Don’t get me wrong…I’m sweating like crazy, but actually enjoying it along the way (OK maybe not pushups). There is a great deal of satisfaction with every improvement I make, whether pushups or lifting weights. Improvements are not just physical, they are also mental. Mah-Ann’s  true campaign is “Let’s get healthier by making wiser choices, whether by exercising or eating right!  Don’t let bad decisions force you to take care of yourself after the fact – start doing it before it comes to that, but also know that it is never too late!”

This is just an excerpt from Ingrid’s testimonial. Read Ingrid’s full blog post about Mah-Ann.

Scott S., Salem, OR

I am very impressed with the instruction and the facility at Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness. I am feeling stronger, and love the varied workouts from the boot camps. I also enjoy the speed of the workout. I do not have much time to spend at the gym and the hour three times a week produces results, and some soreness!

I highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in losing weight, building muscle, or increasing your power and speed. This is good for all age groups and ability levels!

Sharon H., Nurse, Salem, OR

As a senior citizen who’s never exercised, Mah-Ann has given the encouragement and instruction that has essentially changed my outlook on what to expect from myself physically. I have lost weight, decreased fat and actually look forward to staying in shape. Mah-Ann has helped me see a whole new side of what it takes to be fit and made it fun!

Veronica G., Salem, OR

Finally had the motivation to take care of myself for health reasons and being unhappy about my weight. Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness gave me the knowledge about eating healthy and how to exercise properly. She gives you the extra motivation to push yourself to your limit to succeed to reach your goal!

Kim P., Salem, OR

I am a working mom who has never been able to self identify as a person who exercises. After having two babies I had given up hope of becoming fit. Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness has been a wonderful community with the trainers and fellow participants to learn that I can achieve my fitness goals. I have been eating clean now for 9 weeks and working out 3 to 4 times a week. I have lost 16 pounds and one whole dress size! It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication. I smile more as I see myself in the mirror knowing that I am on the journey to achieve my fitness goals.

Hollie L., Portland, OR

I went through 5 personal trainers before finding Mah-Ann. She taught me how to lift without injuring myself, how to build some muscle and what to eat, when. Plus she does it herself, so she knows what it takes to slim down and shape up. I really admire her discipline and her desire to inspire others.

Matt D., Salem, OR

If you’re looking for a gym where you stop in from time to time, go elsewhere. If you’re looking to make a serious commitment to your health, and want to workout with others in the same mindset, you couldn’t ask for a better establishment than Mah-Ann’s Pro-Fitness! Mah-Ann is the best at what she does…hands down!!!!

Bob R., Salem, OR

I just started and am loving the easy to follow meal plan. I like the group circuit atmosphere of the specific program that I am on. The people are great and very encouraging. I highly recommend stopping by and seeing the different options that are available.

Christina C., Woodburn, OR

Great work out! Good environment! Awesome place to get fit and learn new lifestyle change! Join!

Ammon P., Salem, OR

Mah-Ann created a meal plan with lots of variations for my wife and I, and together we have lost 34lbs combined in 10 weeks! Mah-Ann and her team are great encouragers who are invested to see us win. The group classes are fun and the people you meet are great. If you want to change your lifestyle, get fit and healthy, and be surrounded with people doing the same thing, this is the place to be!

Daryn J.,Nurse, Salem, OR

Mah-Ann is the best. If you are SERIOUS about getting in shape, she will get you there. She is tough, but you will love the results!

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