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Are You an Olympian?

Sochi In Your Own Backyard

Wednesday, February 8, 2014

Written by: Pro Fitness Staff

The 2014 Winter Olympics are finally here!  Do the sheer feats and skills from the snowboarders, skaters, and skiers inspire you?  They soar through the air with effortless ease, as though they are the puppet-masters of physics and gravity.  But we all know it takes years of training, sacrifice and dedication to achieve a spot on the Olympic podium.  Watching the Olympics gives me a tingle in my gut and an energy surge that makes me want to soar!  The sheer feats of strength, beauty and precision are truly awe-inspiring, and who wouldn’t want to know that feeling?

So what does it take to become an Olympian?

There’s a common thread among athletes…the defining moment when they decided to do “whatever it takes” and never look back.  Olympic athletes demonstrate an infinite well of mental, emotional and physical “effort.”  So the Olympics may not be in the cards for you, but you CAN put forth Olympic Effort in whatever you pursue.  You have to have passion, focus, energy and time.

The dictionary defines “Olympian” as:

  1. Majestic in manner

  2. Superior to mundane affairs

  3. Surpassing all others in scope and effect

Do you show majestic effort toward your dreams?  Is your body fueled in Olympic proportion?  How would you rate your performances or effects in work or home?  If you could pick an Olympic event, what would it be?  Could you feel confident that you could bring home the gold?  If you really want it…you need to live up to the Olympic standard.  Nothing out there can stop you from giving an Olympic-style effort –but you!

Olympians press on with 100% conviction in pursuit of their passion.  They are revered (and should be) because most people have never attempted to make the sacrifices or put forward Olympic effort toward a goal.  Grab hold of your courage, take one step forward, and give yourself permission to give an Olympic effort to a specific goal…and you can achieve it!  Where’s your passion?  Decide how you can give that passion the focus, energy and time it needs to get the gold.

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