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You Don’t Need a Gym Membership

You don’t need a fancy home gym or an expensive gym membership to blast fat,

get leaner, toner and healthier. 

As a personal trainer, I’ve heard excuses after excuses for why people don’t exercise. One of the biggest reasons I hear is: “I can’t afford a gym membership or I’m too busy or this and that.” Blah, blah, blah…! There are multiple ways you can stay active, burn calories, and lose weight without an expensive gym membership. In fact, most of my Intense Blast Fat Fast workouts does not require any equipment — and you’ve seen proof of the results.

Tips on How Getting your Exercise Done:

Take advantage of our one week free group sessions at Mah-Ann’s Pro Fitness (new clients only), personal training, and gym trials in your community, school, or workplace.  You can sign up for notifications from local gyms, fitness studios, recreation centers, libraries, and fitness Web sites to stay informed. At home, use what you have such as gallon jugs, unopened rice or flour bags and use them for your weight bearing exercises  even soup cans can be used to do shoulders, biceps and triceps.  Use a chair to do squats, split squats and 1-legged deadlifts or use your stairs! Other sources for exercises you can do at home is from organizations such as the American Council on Exercise.

Borrow DVD workouts,  check out our Exercise post for your circuits, Exercise and Fitness Books or magazines from your local bookstore or internet is a great source as well.  Make sure you pick one that’s at your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advance)  My Intense Blast Fat Fast program will give you the exercises, instructions, meal plan and best part are the bonuses!

Maybe your idea of working out — the elliptical, treadmill, recumbent bike — is the last thing you ever want to do most specially with our fall to winter weather now. Don’t limit yourself with the cardio equipment!  Get outside when the weather permits. You can easily do squats, walking lunges, pushups, burpees which is all included in my Intense Blast Fat Fast video.   Look online to map out a new hiking or biking trail, skiing and bring a workout buddy with you as well and  try new exercises from my previous post, or go swimming at a local pool.

The Bottom Line: You don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. Exercise anywhere.  The comfort of your home, park, hotel room.  Find what works for you, invest in our instant downloadable videos, a few inexpensive tools that you can reuse over and over, and kick fear off and to try new ways to stay in shape. No more excuses. Now, take action and get moving!

Note from Mah-Ann:

You need new ideas because your progress is stagnant,  you’re at a plateau in loosing those stubborn fat and you need help with your program so you can LOSE FAT FAST, so come see me regarding our Personal Training and Group Sessions today or call  503.393.1080 for your free consultation.  Let’s start living life “HEALTHY-FIT-LEAN.”

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